Sheepskin care is easy care

The fibre’s unique structure gives it a natural durability and robustness… it repels dirt and is stain resistant. It is easy to look after sheepskin and enjoy all the benefits of this wonderful natural fibre. Ultimate Rules of Care include:

  • Avoid direct sunlight. This stops UV damage or fading of darker shaded products.
  • Shake rugs and cushions regularly, if it can handle a shake, liven it up!
  • Dry vacuum rugs regularly
  • Attend to spills and stains as promptly as possible
  • Do not rub, brush or massage wool skin products when they are damp or wet

General Care

Regular vacuuming with a plain suction vacuum cleaner will help to maintain wool fibres. Longer wool rugs benefit from occasional brushing with a wire pet brush. Small spills can be sponged off with a damp cloth. Avoid exposure to strong direct sunlight (UV) as it will damage the natural fibres and fade dyed sheepskins. Do not store in damp or wet conditions as the natural leather pelt may deteriorate. Maintain sheepskin regularly.


Brushing is effective on unshorn, long wool products only. After washing, the wool fibres will likely revert back to their natural curly state. When fibre is wet, brush with a wire wool comb and it will help restore the fluffy appearance and natural “loft” of the fibres once it dries. Please ask your nearest sales office about an Auskin sheepskin care brush.


Air-dry your sheepskin by hanging it on a line or laying it out flat – although please remember, not in direct sunlight. It is important to stretch sheepskin during the drying process – this helps to retain the shape and prevent excessive shrinkage. Please do not tumble dry, iron or bleach your sheepskin!


Auskin natural sheepskins can be hand or machine-washed in warm water (40°C / 104°F) using a mild liquid detergent that is suitable for hand washing dishes, on a ‘gentle’ wash cycle. Please note that machine or hand washing may affect the appearance of the natural wool fibres and the leather pelt.

Spills and Stains

To avoid permanent damage, accidental spills and stains should be dealt with immediately. Before using any stain treatment, make sure you have ‘contained the stain’ and this will stop it spreading further. For further instructions, please see our extensive Stain Cleaning Guide on specific stains.