We recover heat from our drying units to produce hot water; the cold air produced is used to cool employees working in the drying rooms.

We recycle and reuse as many materials as possible during our production process. Our water treatment facility means that 70% of the water we use has been recycled. We have reduced our salt purchases by 95% by recovering salt from the curing process for reuse. We recover heat from our drying units to produce hot water and the cool air created in the process is used to improve working conditions for employees in the drying rooms.

Fast Facts

  • Bio waste is sold for conversion to fertilizer or biofuel and grease recovered from the dry-clean plant is sold for biofuel.
  • Waste material with any chemical content undergoes rigorous compliance measures, with waste transfer approval processes outlined and supervised by the government.
  • Waste materials extracted from our grey water treatment process goes to municipal plants for disposal as per government regulations.
  • Wooden pallets, empty chemical drums and containers, plastic and cardboard waste are sold or recycled.
  • Wool clippings are sold to the industrial or textile industry, and trimmings from raw skins are sold for recovery of wool. Any trimmings from finished skins that we cannot use ourselves are on-sold for further processing.